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About us

My name is Scott Anderson, and I am the new owner/operator of Don Davis Race Cars, (DDRC).  I was presented a terrific opportunity in late 2019 to purchase the company; little did I know the Covid-19 pandemic was just around the corner.  This would not have swayed my decision to purchase the company anyway.  I have a history with Don Davis Race Cars, from getting my start in professional race car fabrication in 1997 to becoming shop manager by the time I left the company in 2005.

Having the opportunity to purchase the company has been an awesome responsibility and opportunity.  I feel very qualified to be the person to continue the legacy, and accurately tell the story of what this company has become over the last 38 years and push it forward into the future.

Today I am fortunate to still be in communication with both Don Davis and Jim Hughes, both former owners.  Each man has a lifetime of experience, Don with race car design and fabrication and Jim with sales and marketing.  They both continue to be involved with the brand today.

I encourage everyone to visit the website, to get the full story.

You can also follow us on Facebook @DonDavisRaceCars to stay up to date with our operation. --DDRC